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Welcome to the Neverland guild website!
Neverland is a social and public guild created by Inkigayo on
The goal of Neverland is to become a large and welcoming guild with members that help and play as a family, and as a team.
There is a good chance that if you are on this guild website then you are a member or looking to join Neverland guild.
If you are looking to join Neverland guild you MUST know the Inkigayo OR Isshulee (officer) personally.
If you wish to join us please note our guild stone is located near the Tir Moon Gate:


Guild policy:
-If you have not logged on for 30 days, you will be removed from the guild
-It is YOUR responsibility to tell Inkigayo about your abscence of how long and why (So you will not be removed)
-Please do not use foul language
-Please do not disrespect other members
-Any questions or concerns may go in the suggestions box or Note Inkigayo

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